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International Balloon Fiesta

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America's Challenge Balloon Race Launch
Albuquerque, NM – Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta has entered the 46th year of prestigiously recognized as the Balloon Fiesta in the world.  Balloonists from all over the world come to Albuquerque, New Mexico to launch at Mass Ascension in the mornings at 7:00 am.  Ceremonies start at 5:45 am with a sophisticated Laser Light Show, Dawn Patrol Show, Krispy Kreme Morning Glow and Opening Ceremonies before the official launching of hundreds of balloons. 


Saturday Mass Ascension was a perfectly beautiful morning with all factors making for an amazing launch.  America’s Challenge Balloon Race Inflation started at 2:00 in the afternoon with the official launch completing by 7:15 pm.  The day ended with a Twilight Twinkle Glow and a combination of laser show and an impressive fireworks display.  The week is filled with continuous events for the public to come out and enjoy and learn from all the pilots and crew.  The final day is Sunday, October 15.

Technology infrastructures hacking

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The infrastructures of today are increasingly being challenged with the ability of hackers to alter or entirely stop the product from performing its function.  Wind turbines that use wind for transfer of power to homes and multi-electrical uses are vulnerable.  Increasing the number of wind power throughout the world has caused concern to the technicians.  The question continues on how to keep ahead of the hacker so that the grid doesn’t get locked down.


Also, as the future of automotive cars becomes increasingly prevalent for the public to operate hackers are causing continual challenges for the industry to block the invasion in order protect the public.  Elimination of the vulnerability as the world becomes more autonomous is keeping many technical people up at night on how do they keep ahead of the potential attack. The public needs to be aware of what to do if the “what if” occurs.

Drone Technology Moving Fast

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Unmanned drones are growing faster in strength and numbers.  Training classes are filling up with pilots that need to and want to know what the FAA rules and restrictions are so that rules can be maintained. 


Businesses, governmental organizations as well as military usage is increasingly changing.  Farmers throughout the country have found the advantage of having a drone fly over their crops to see where issues may be occurring so that they can be proactive. 


Increasingly with the numbers of drones increasing the FAA is monitoring where the impact areas are being restricted.  Aerial photography for news media, shipping and delivery is increasingly being explored with drones.  Building safety inspection and many other uses are increasing daily.

Technology exploding faster

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Present and future technology is exploding beyond the imagination of any human beings plans.  Solar-powered cars being tested and expanded for filling the gaps of sources of power and efficiency are adapting faster than thought possible.  The diverse choices of driving a car with a multi-power source will become more prevalent as reliability and efficiency are fine-tuned. Also the future of self-driving trucks and how will that affect 1.7 million truck drivers.


Dubai Civil Aviation Authority has been testing a German made autonomous air taxi.  Volocopter Corporation has been building and testing the air taxi that presently can carry two passengers and is unmanned.


Along the accuracy of technology comes the concern of the privacy in the digital era. The question becomes how to increase the ability for technical use and still maintain the privacy that is continually being compromised.  Stay tuned and alert with every turn there is a new component of change

New York International Auto Show 2017

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New York – Jaguar receives the World Car Design of the Year and World Car of the Year 2017 for it’s first SUV F-Pace.  Audi Q5 and Volkswagen Tiguan were part of the top three awards with a competition of 23.  This is the only second time in 13-year history of the World Car Awards for a vehicle to win the pair of trophies.


Over 1,000 cars and trucks were shown at the largest auto show in North America known as “New York International Auto Show.”  The auto industry generates 7.25 million American jobs with an annual payroll of $500 Billion and $205 Billion tax revenue by the workforce of the auto industry.  The fast pace of technology with innovative ideas was presented as well as the ever-increasing changes in the autonomous systems.  There was no limit to the creative and increasing changes that will affect everyone that buys a new vehicle.  Amazing designs without compromising safety, comfort and futuristic technology were throughout the Javits Center.

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