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Technology exploding faster

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By Marjo Nelson, photo-journalist
Aug 5, 2017 - 9:27:14 PM


Present and future technology is exploding beyond the imagination of any human beings plans.  Solar-powered cars being tested and expanded for filling the gaps of sources of power and efficiency are adapting faster than thought possible.  The diverse choices of driving a car with a multi-power source will become more prevalent as reliability and efficiency are fine-tuned. Also the future of self-driving trucks and how will that affect 1.7 million truck drivers.


Dubai Civil Aviation Authority has been testing a German made autonomous air taxi.  Volocopter Corporation has been building and testing the air taxi that presently can carry two passengers and is unmanned.


Along the accuracy of technology comes the concern of the privacy in the digital era. The question becomes how to increase the ability for technical use and still maintain the privacy that is continually being compromised.  Stay tuned and alert with every turn there is a new component of change

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