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Solar eclipse of 2017

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By Mitchell Walters, Nancy Ann Peterson Photographer
Aug 21, 2017 - 5:35:41 PM


The long awaited solar eclipse for 2017 had millions of people mesmerized.  All that traveled miles to a destination to view were ecstatic with the experience.  Not the entire pathway had clear skies with clouds impacting and creating a unique effect with small breaks in the sky in some areas but the effect was still ominous.  A one chance in a lifetime to witness day turn into night for a little over two minutes as the moon blocked the sun.  Temperature dropped, nature became quiet, Venus, Mercury and bright stars became visible for the brief moments of this amazing phenomenon.


The corridor of the eclipse followed a pathway from Oregon to South Carolina with a 70-mile pathway.  The United States saw the last total solar eclipse in 1979 that stretched over only five states in the Northwest experiencing total darkness.

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