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CES 2018 Present to Future

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By Marjo Nelson - Jerry Nelson photographer
Jan 10, 2018 - 9:16:27 AM


Las Vegas, Nevada – The world’s largest consumer technology show opened with exhibitors representing over 47 countries in Las Vegas.  The jammed packed conference has been preparing for over 170,000 in attendance to view more than 3,900 exhibitors.  There will be more than 300 events, speakers and demonstrations featuring products of today and the future over the next four days. 


Robots will be showcased that can integrate within the family unit as well as business efficiency and technology for today and the future.  Electric vehicles and autonomous cars are definitely aggressively heading to make their mark for the future.  Smart homes filled with all types of features to make life much easier to ease the pressure from a hard day at work.  Health technology with wearable fitness gadgets to monitor a persons activities and well-being.


CES, formerly known as the International Consumer Electronic Show is presently owned by CTA – Consumer Technology Association that represents $292 billion U.S. consumer technology industry.

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